Reoccurring Dreams by an Anonymous Follower - Has anyone else had anthying similar happen?


So I had this reoccurring dream when I was little. This family would come to my house in a big truck and knock on my front door. They’d tell my mom they were ready to take me and somehow my bags would be packed with all my stuff and I’d just leave with them and my little brother. Their truck…

The first time I tried molly, I was hallucinating. I could hear someone say “she’s waking up!’ “Her eyes are open!” I was shaking so bad (which I know is a side effect of the drug) and I felt scared. When my cousin was talking to me, she was looking in my eyes intently. In my hallucination she was the doctor. She said something to me that I can’t remember, to which I replied “yes, Doctor.” Sarcastically.
I tried to commit suicide last August. Now I’m scared that I’m in a coma.
I’m a little shakey and my skin feels warm as I write this.
Also whenever I smoke weed with my friends, they always put on a movie that has to do with comas, multiple personality disorder, and schizophrenia. Are they trying to wake me up?
Maybe I’m just making a weird connection to these coincidences.
Help me feel sane by saying something.